Past Events

2012 Cancer Fundraiser

2012 Cancer Fundraiser
Team attitude would like to share a moment of
appreciation for all the wonderful caring people who took time out of your lives to attend our benefit concert to help a young woman battle her fight with cancer. Your generous donations were able to help her find new hope in her darkest time.

2013 Parents Discussion Workshop

“Kids are often seen but NEVER HEARD”

In 2013 Team Attitude held a workshop for
adults to come together and learn from one
another. We learned strategies and coping tactics
for being successful parents, this workshop also
served as an outlet for us to share our stories and
gain enlightenment. With so many children and
teens turning to the streets for a sole source of
love we parents have to be the avenues they turn
to when their sense of direction is lost. Our
children’s problems may seem small or
insignificant to us but to them it’s their reality
and repeatedly showing up for them will
create a pattern where they know they can trust
us over strangers who will only lead them
towards a darker path. Your words to them hold

Our sole purpose is to be proactive so we may
minimize the setbacks our children may
encounter during their journey.